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Milia Removal

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Safe and Effective Milia Removal

At Dr.Tanov Clinic, our technicians are highly qualified and experienced and can provide milia removal securely and successfully.

In areas of skin that are not hydrated, milia may develop due to the use of products which contain mineral oils, sulphates, soaps and parabens. On the other hand, in dry parts of the skin, milia can appear due to the failure of the normal secretions to reach the surface of the skin.

The CryoPen® method of treatment is far more expeditious than other extraction procedures, such as the micro-lance, and is much gentler on the skin.

Milia – What Are They?

Milia are frequently referred to as “milk spots” due to their white coloration and are caused by keratin becoming lodged beneath the skin. They don’t resemble acne, as they are not present in a pore, and are not accompanied by redness or inflammation. These bumps are most often seen on the face, particularly around the eyes, where they can manifest in bunches.

Who has millia?

All people, from babies to adults, can be affected by milia. Up to 50% of babies can have milia, known as primary milia. Young women may be more likely to experience milia due to increased exposure to sunlight, known as eruptive milia.

A picture depicting milia can be seen here:

Milia can be sorted into types according to the age at which they appear or what is the root cause of the cysts. These classifications can further be divided into primary or secondary.

Milia found in their early stages are created due to the entrapment of keratin and are usually present on the faces of babies or grown-ups.

Milia that is secondary appears comparable, but they come about when something obstructs the ducts that connect to the skin’s exterior, like after trauma, burning, or blistering.

Is Cryotherapy a good solution for Milia?

Upon receiving your request for treatment, one of our experienced professionals will arrange a consultation with you to decide if the procedure is suitable for you. If it is, a program of treatment based on the severity of your milia will be decided upon and the first session of removal will be scheduled.

The duration of the removal treatment needed for milia depends on the severity of the condition. After the treatment is finished, probably, the milia will not come back.

Will it be painful and possible side effects?

When the Nitrous Oxide is pushed to the bottom of the lesion, patients may feel a sensation comparable to a ballpoint pen being applied to the skin. The procedure is designed to remove the milia while causing minimal discomfort. It is relatively painless.

Post-therapy, no undesirable consequences or issues should exist, however, if you have any qualms about this, please get in touch with us promptly and we can schedule an assessment for you.

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