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Wart & Verucca Removal

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Effective Treatments for the Removal of Warts and Verrucas

At Dr. Tanov Aesthetics, our certified and highly experienced technicians can provide wart treatment. Warts, also known as verrucas, can affect people of all ages – from young children to seniors – and though not usually painful, they can cause discomfort and unease, particularly for younger people. These growths can easily be treated, however.

On the hands, warts usually appear on the palms, knuckles, or the tips of the fingers and are usually prominently visible. They are typically rough to the touch and can be passed between individuals who come in contact with one another. Indirect contact, such as towels, shoes, and floors, can also lead to the spread of warts.

What is a wart?

An HPV infection may cause a small, hard and normally painless bump known as a wart. The most typical type of wart, verruca vulgaris, usually appears on the hands, while the flatter verruca plana is frequently seen on the face and neck and may resemble seborrheic keratosis, although it will have a rougher texture.

Resembling a skin tag, filiform warts, also called digitate warts, are mostly seen on the eyelid and take on a thread-like shape.

The genital area is the only place where genital warts can be found.

Verruca plantaris, commonly known as Plantar’s warts, can be found only on the feet and cause pain. These warts have the distinctive feature of black specks.

Plantar’s warts can form in a grouping of several smaller warts located on the bottom of the feet.

Treatment Advices

Treating viral lesions is especially difficult as both the lesion and the virus must be addressed. It is advisable to pre-treat the wart or verrucae before the appointment, so the skin covering the lesion is softened and slightly opened for optimal treatment.

Before commencing the process of eliminating warts, do the following:

• Place the lesion in a basin of sudsy, warm water and leave it to soak for 20 minutes

• Utilizing a pumice stone or a nail file, lightly abrade the lesion until the skin feels rough (and be sure to discard the tool afterward)

• Be mindful not to be too rough in scrubbing, as it may cause discomfort in the area.

A picture depicting a wart verruca can be seen in the accompanying image. The image shows the wart’s characteristic appearance, which can help in identifying it.

Before seeking treatment for warts, here are a few things to do and not do:

The NHS urges those suffering from warts to follow the below guidance until they can receive an evaluation for treatment.

When handling a wart or verruca, make sure to wash your hands afterward. Put a plaster on the wart when going swimming, and be careful when shaving around it to avoid cutting it.

Our Skin Clinic is not recommended

• If you have a wart, consider using a towel or flannel to cover it

• Refrain from biting your nails or sucking your fingers if you have warts

• Avoid scratching or picking at a wart

This image displays a wart or verruca.
Before Treatment:

A few things to consider before looking into wart treatment options include:

– Do’s

– Don’ts

You should:

• Clean your hands when you come in contact with a wart or verruca

• Put a bandage on warts when swimming

• Be mindful not to nick a wart while you are shaving

It is not recommended to do so.

• If you have a wart, consider using the same towel or flannel on it

• If you have a wart on your fingers, do not bite your nails or suck your fingers

• Avoid scratching or picking at a wart

The treatment

Patients can get rid of their warts and verrucas quickly, safely and with no discomfort at Dr. Tanov’s clinic. Our team of specialists offer cryo treatment to remove them.

The CryoPen’s energy induces freezing of the blood vessels in the target area, resulting in the collapse of the wart or verruca and the cessation of its blood flow. After a few weeks have passed, the wart or verruca will usually come off with the person not even noticing.

Are you considering CryoPen® as a method to get rid of warts? Here are some of the advantages of this technique.

Warts can be successfully diminished through the use of cryo removal.

The data we have indicates that this approach to treating a wart or verruca will be successful and devoid of danger. With the appropriate amount of aftercare, it is improbable that it will return.

Is it painful and side effects

The process of treatment may feel like a ballpoint pen has been pressed onto the skin when the Nitrous Oxide gets to the bottom of the lesion. Although there is little chance of any side effects, we still suggest that patients reach out to us if they have any worries following treatment.

A photo of wart verrucas can be seen depicted

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